Refinancing helps to reduce monthly loan repayments, lower the interest rates, consolidate outstanding loan, take cash out of our home for large purchases (e.g. buy second house), home improvement or change mortgage bank. We advise and assist for Refinance & Home Loan. Consult us if you are in these situations:

High Interest Rate / High Commitment

Huge burden for repayment of loan or paying too much on interest due to the interest rate of your current personal loan and credit card debts is too high.

Need Cash Out

Need high cash flow for business; Want to cash out for repaying existing loan or for other purposes like house renovation, personal use & etc.

Refinance Application Rejected

Good credit history but loan application REJECTED by bank due to monthly total repayments amount for existing loan is exceeding 60% of your salary.

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Need advise for HOME LOAN of the packages offered by different banks? Click here.

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We save your time to liaise with bank for refinance application. We provide FREE CONSULTATION to help our clients check and compare the refinancing interest rate and advise the package which suit you the best.


    Usually, if you have owned the property for at least 5 years.

    It will usually take 3 – 6 months. Depending the type of your property.

    Usually the cost are valuation fees, stamping fees and legal fees. However there are some financial institutions that absorbs all of these cost if you fit their criteria.



    OCBC, Hong Leong, HSBC, AIA, CIMB, Public Bank, RHB, Maybank, Alliance Bank & etc. Which bank offers the best package with the lowest interest rate for cash-out and home loan refinance? Save your time to search for those information, let us suggest a package that fits you best. FREE CONSULTATION.

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    Survey for Good Deals

    We will survey for refinance deals based on property’s market value and client’s eligibility

    Compare Different Banks

    We compare the refinance packages and study the offer letter to understand the loan details.

    Advise & Suggest

    We advise on the details of the mortgage packages and suggest the best mortgage deal.

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    Get a Better Refinance Package:

    • Loan up to 35 years
    • Low interest rate
    • High margin of finance
    • No lock-in period (pay off the loan or sell off the property anytime)**
    • Zero moving cost feature (legal fee, stamp duty, disbursement & valuation for loan agreement only)**

    **Subject to terms & conditions


    A client was referred to one of our loan architects. He has sold his semi-D house 6 months ago and currently living in a rented property while looking to buy a smaller house.

    He is a freelance advertising editor which no proper company documentation and an unstable income because of the pandemic.

    He is currently looking to buy a smaller house worth RM1,300,000 but finds it extremely hard to get a loan because:

    1. No current borrowing records (because he sold his house with a mortgage 6 months ago)
    2. No stable source of income
    3. No proper company documentation
    4. Even applying for a credit card was rejected.

    Our financial architect managed to solve his problem by getting an 85% loan (RM1,105,000) for him because he the money he got from his previous house was invested into shares, FD and also a premier bank customer.


    A Singaporean client was referred to one of our loan architects. A business owner with multiple properties in Singapore. Before the pandemic, he bought a condominium in Kuala Lumpur by paying cash.

    Now he wants to buy another 2 properties in Kuala Lumpur again using a loan.

    Client did not apply himself via bank and let SCS mortgage handles his loan application because this are sub-sale units and SCS mortgage is able to get better valuation to maximize his gains because a foreign citizen is limit up to only 60% loan value only.

    Customer is satisfied with an approval of RM1,320,000 and RM600,000 loan from 2 different banks with competitive interest rate.