Usually, if you have owned the property for at least 5 years.

It will usually take 3 – 6 months. Depending the type of your property.

Usually the cost are valuation fees, stamping fees and legal fees. However there are some financial institutions that absorbs all of these cost if you fit their criteria.


You will need to have a property in order to do a debt consolidation. Preferably a property that your have owned fir more than 5 years.

High interest and short tenure debts. Example, personal loans, overdrafts, and credit cards.

Yes, imagine you pay 3 personal loans at 3 different banks, 4 credit cards debts at 4 different banks. By doing debt consolidation, now you only pay a fix amount monthly to only 1 bank.


We are great network of bankers with the latest information to advice you which bank is offering the lowest interest rate, or which kind of mortgage product that suits you best.

Normally it will take 4 working days upon complete documentation requested.

With our services, we will guide you through and have always be at your service.